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About me


My name is Cathy Collin. Since childhood, I have always talked to animals.Having acquired a BA in Psychology in University and working with people, my whole life, has given me the capacity to understand human and animal psyche. After studying with Helen Da vita and Anna Breytenbach, I re-enacted the relationship with animals that had never gone away and started helping people to understand their pets better. Now, as aTellington TTouch practitioner, I see my capacities of enabling the connection human-animals even more.

Short Bio

Born in Brazil of a French father and a Brazilian mother, Cathy Collin spent her days with different animals that she felt good with. After studying psychology, she left Brazil to live in the United States and work as a dancer; 3 years latter, she moved to the UK and continued her dancing career, working in animal welfare( “world society of protections of animals”) at the same time, as a volunteer. Having lived in different countries and feeling the plight of animals (even when she worked in a circus, in Germany), Cathy felt she needed to make people understand that animals are really our brothers. The answer came watching the “Spirit leopard” video of Anna Breytenbach . Some seminars latter, she felt the call of duty when finally a dog ,Carlos, started talking to her. Working as a volunteer for some years in a Facebook page gave her enough experience to understand that animals are sent to us to teach us. Cathy hopes to help people and animals through her life work as much as time allows her.Now, living in Greece, which is populated by stray animals, that have another vision of life, she has the possibility to use her skills to guide different people on how to act without hate towards all beings. Animals only know the language of love.