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Animal Communication and Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” or sending energy through its symbols, from a distance and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. It’s founder is Mikao Usui.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” (1)

          Scientific research done on Reiki

Author Lynne McTaggart, author of the book “The Intention Experiment” listed different scientific researches done on Reiki and other healing modalities, through the years.

In April 2006 M. Connor and G. Schwartz presented the results of their experiment:”Oscillation of amplitude as measured by an extra low frequency magnetic field meter as a biophysical measure of intentionality” in Tucson, Arizona. In it, they described how they compared these measurements between a group of practitioners of Reiki, taking measurements near each hand of all the healers during alternating periods (while these healers were  “running energy” and then during times when they were at rest), a group of master healers and a group of people never trained in healing. When they analyzed the data,  they discovered that both groups of healers (Reiki and master healers) demonstrated significant fluctuations of very low pulsations of a magnetic field emanating from both hands.

Lynne McTaggart associates the capacity of healing to being in a state of concentrated focus, or “peak attention”. She notes, I her book that Reiki practitioner Dr Constance Johnson can return to an “altered state” at will.

Also in 2006, Gary Schwartz (Arizona University) made another research on Reiki, this time measuring the variations that influence healing. His research began as a simple study of healing intention by Reiki practitioners. He enlisted then the help of Beverly Rubik (biophysicist), founding director of the “Center for frontier Sciences” at Temple University, Philadelphia.  The results were quite successful.

          In the United States

Jeannie Helton-Vos, an animal communicator, Reiki Master & teacher, Animal Totem medium, INEH certified esoteric healing practitioner and author in Michigan, shared her experience with Reiki: “I started out Reiki because I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Soon I realized how beneficial it was and also when I started treating other people I realized how psychic I was. After a couple years of practice I got an office in a spiritual center and deepened my practice. One day I was there working at my desk and a lady came to see me with an emergency. Her puppy was very ill and she asked me if I could send him Reiki and talk to him like I did for people…..I honestly didn’t know I could at the time! So I connected with the puppy’s soul and called in the spiritual helpers and to my surprise suddenly I was looking thru the eyes of a little black pup! He was showing me what looked like the vet and a man in a plaid shirt with a beard. The vet was saying puppy is dehydrated. So then I was shown inside a house. I described it to her and said the water dish is empty. I then sent long distant reiki to puppy. After i came out of meditation and opened my eyes I looked at her and her mouth was wide open and she was “flabbergasted.” She said to me, “You said you didn’t know if you could talk to animals! He is at that very vet office as we speak with my husband who has the shirt and beard you described. That’s also his dish you described in my kitchen and we were holding his water at night because of potty training!” I was shocked too, but mostly the fact that I could see thru his eyes! Ultimately they gave puppy more water, took him out every two hours for timed potty trials and the Reiki worked “miracles” she said the next day when she came back to let me know how pup was. She said to me, “I think you found your calling hun.” Lol… well I sure did! Since that day I have had thousands of animal clients, made a Reiki group for animals in 2009 (Animal Communication Sacred Voices, with thanks to Cathy is Still going strong) and have had thousands of validations of the benefits of animal Reiki!”

As we can see, opening your ‘channels” to a healing modality as Reiki, can open a new way to see the world and other channels in other levels. Reiki can open a whole new world to you. (3)

          In Greece

Eugenia Gerassimides was born in Addi’s-Ababa in Africa.  Although she studied Marketing and worked in multinationals, she has  always been interested in holistic therapies,  has been a Reiki master for the last ten years and she has seen very good results especially with animal Reiki. While she lived in Ethiopia, she saved the lives of different animals in different occasions.

Once she was given a one month puppy which was seriously ill; she and her daughter (also a Reiki Master) applied Reiki and its symbols on the puppy for only half an hour and the puppy survived to become Eugenia’s dog, until he passed of old age. At that time, puppy dogs were sold in the streets of Addi’s-Ababa, and if not sold, they were exterminated, afterwards. This particular puppy escaped under a car and was later found by Eugenia; he was serious ill though and again, she applied  Reiki  and he survived. Eugenia always used Reiki for healing of people, animals and even plants! She, once, demonstrated to her daughter that, a plant which was dying could return to life, after given Reiki by them. Her daughter, then a young child, became marveled by the result and became a Master teacher like her mother, latter on.

Eugenia observed that Reiki is capable of increasing the energy of animals, humans and plants.  She believes Reiki works on humans and animals integrally and recognizes that Reiki is the way to increase spiritual awareness of the world and a way for evolution of human kind.  Wishing to deepen her studies on Reiki, she later became a master teacher of other modalities including Karuna Reiki.(4)

             In Brazil

In Brazil, spiritualism and other forms of holistic healing are widely known and accepted. Even the ex-president Lula Da Silva treated his cancer with a spiritualist (5) besides the conventional medical treatment. And it was in Brazil, that the  first  online congress of animal Communication organized by Veterinarian and Animal Communicator , Sheila Waligora, happened not long ago. In the event, numerous “Reikianos” or Reiki therapists exposed the excellent results obtained by the holistic healing therapy.

Suzana Machado was one of the speakers and her story is simply amazing. She is what we call in Brazil: “Sensei Reiki”. Suzana used to be a workaholic in a big multinational. When she decided to change career, she found a course on interspecies communication from Dr Sheila Waligora and having always loved animals decided to take it. During the seminar, one of her colleagues, seeing that Suzana’s dog had pain ( hip dysplasia), offered to do a Reiki session on her dog, and to the amazement of Suzana, the pain went away immediately. Suzana felt then and there that something completely new was opening for her, like a curtain opening and seeing the sun for the first time.

She did not want the magic feeling to go away and took all the Reiki training, levels I and II and advanced Reiki for animals with the veterinarian Doctor Ricardo Gare (6). Immediately, she felt a huge change in her life. As her immersion in the Reiki and animal communication world progressed so her perception and relationship with the outside world of animals and nature change more and more. “I started seeing the animals in a different light”, says her “beings like us and not part of a system to serve humans necessities”. She became vegetarian and started practicing Reiki in animals, offering her services for refuges. “I started to notice, during Reiki practice, that animals have the same or very similar diseases to the ones suffered by their human families.”

She decided, then, to start treating not only the animals but “their people” too, in an animal hotel and daycare center that she opened in the town of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. Everything was treated with Reiki, form the environment, water, and animals and the results were excellent. She always scanned (Byosen Reikan Ho is a technique which refers to scanning someone else’s energy field to perceive areas of disharmony or disease-(7),   humans (animal family) and animals noting a correlation on their energy fields.

Suzana felt then, that her life choice needed more dedication and research to completely understand the Japanese form of Reiki and the scientific, philosophical, and spiritual side of it. So she decided to follow the course to become a Reiki Master arriving till the Japanese level of Shinpiden (which is rarely obtained by westerns).

This road changed completely her life, not only professionally, but also personally; in the way she sees the world, her own life and the human evolution in our material and spiritual levels. She sees Reiki as holistic form that can be done by anybody, to reach: self-knowledge, fulfillment, plenitude, healing and happiness. For this reason, she opened “espaço Reiki – Caminho para a Felicidade” where she does her healing, therapies and Reiki classes always including the animals and their energetic relationship with humans and the world. The courses are offered to animal care professionals, veterinarians, animal families and the objective is that these humans will attain their own balance and happiness so they will be better equipped to help the animals and to facilitate an evolution of human conscience for the improvement of our planet.(8)

Thank you Suzana Machado for the lovely photos. Main photo by Suzana.


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