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Comanima- the first week of animal communication online

From 23rd to the 29th September 2019, took place the first online congress of Animal Communication, in the Portuguese language.
Sheila Waligora, veterinarian and Animal communicator formed by pioneer Penelope Smith organized the event with a technical team. Talks took place during the whole week showing how animal communication can increase empathy, spiritualism and healing in humans and animals.

The talks were given by many professionals:  many Brazilian veterinarians   (Sheila Waligora, Michelle Samantha Ayres, Eliane Nishijima, João Amaro Da Silva Barros, Natally Milesi Kibaltchich, Andrey Oquim Corrêa, Paola Jardim Andrade S. Amaral, Dr Denise Ullman, Marina Szmelko Anastasi, Marcia Valeria Rizzo Scognamillo and Dr Aline Oliveira Coelho), holistic therapists (Tatiana Scoleso, Amanda Couto Araujo, Renate Rigueira Santiago, Susana Sa Vieira Machado and André Monteiro Ichiwaki), professional rescuers and protectors of animals (Monica de Ciomo, Claudia Frazão, Marco Ciampi and Tatiana Figueiredo), three psychologists living in different parts of the world but speaking Portuguese (me Catherine Collin, Victoria Ruiz and  Rita Pereira Pinto), two dog trainers (Natalia Dias Monteiro and  Hoden Rodrigues Borges), and agronomist: Cristiano Kern Hickel , one specialist in birds: Silvia Corbucci and one specialist in dog day care: Paulinha Assahi.

                                                                     Holistic therapies

All the veterinarian doctors use one or different holistic therapies in conjunction with animal communication, making it easier to explain to the animal (wild or domestic) why and how they are in the clinic. Also, many therapies like hypnosis proved to be not so invasive and their value in taking out the pain of the treatment.

Reiki seemed to be a therapy that started many professionals to search complementary treatment to their classical training; homeopathy is widely used as: acupuncture, Aromatherapy (using essential oils), Crystal-therapy (the use of Crystals), Chromo-therapy (using colors, like in Bio Geometry), laser, floral remedies, Moxa (Chinese medicine therapy which consists of burning dried mug-wort on particular points on the body. It plays an important role in the traditional medical systems of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia), Radiesthesia, EFT, herbal treatments, Chiropractic therapy, Ozone-therapy, Quantum-therapy, and Tok-Sen (based on Thai massage)

The majority of veterinarians also uses Chinese Medicine, with the meridians and acupuncture points to treat patients. We were delighted to see a wild lizard, otherwise aggressive, being calmed down by Animal Communication and then anesthetized by special touches on pressure points.  Variations of acupuncture were used by Doctor Eliane Nishijima: Chromo-puncture (color light acupuncture), electrical acupuncture, laser, farmacopuncture (is a relatively new acupuncture therapy combining acupuncture with herbal medicine), and gold acupuncture.

One of the professionals is a spiritualist and explained how animals are treated in spiritualist churches in Brazil, the energy treatment they get and the respect they receive.

All of the veterinarians confirmed the good results obtained through complementary medicine and Animal Communication; they said that they see the animal not only as a “body”, a material body, but as a being spiritual and energetic being.

                                                         Quantum physics and systemic family Constellations

“Family Constellations, also known as Systemic Constellations and Systemic Family Constellations, is an alternative therapeutic method which draws on elements of family systems therapy, existential phenomenology and Zulu attitudes to family. Its founder is Bert Hellinger. Hellinger lived as a Roman Catholic priest in South Africa for 16 years in the 1950s and 1960s. During these years, he became fluent in the Zulu language, participated in Zulu rituals, and gained an appreciation for the Zulu worldview.

In a single session, a Family Constellation attempts to reveal a supposedly unrecognized dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family and to resolve the deleterious effects of that dynamic by encouraging the subject, through representatives, to encounter and accept the factual reality of the past.

Family Constellations take their form from family systems psychology. Influential figures in this movement include Jacob Moreno, the founder of psychodrama; Ivan Böszörményi-Nagy, the pioneer of trans-generational systemic thinking; Milton Erickson, a pioneer of brief therapy and hypnotherapy; Eric Berne who conceived the concept of life scripts; and Virginia Satir, who developed family sculpture, the precursor of Systemic Constellations.

The term “Family Constellations” was first used by Alfred Adler in a somewhat different context to refer to the phenomenon that each individual belongs to and is bonded in relationship to other members of his or her family system.”(1)

The knowledge of Quantum Physics has been helping to explain the phenomena behind Systemic Family Constellations.  The therapist Mary Zapiti, student of Bert Hellinger, has been using this method with great results, in Greece, for years.

For many years, it has only been used by humans, but recently in Brazil and USA, the therapy has also been used for animals. Hoden Rodrigues Borges gave a talk explaining Quantum Physics and related many experiences doing Family Constellations with abandoned dogs.

                                                               Animal Protection

Marco Ciampi, the founder of a Brazilian animal protection group, related all the work done and what are the future projects and other rescuers related how animal communication helped them communicate with traumatized animals.


Psychologists living outside of Brazil related their experience with Animal Communication and Victoria Ruiz, a Brazilian-Argentinean psychologist, explained how she developed her theory of animals mirroring their humans and then researched the structure better when she studied with Martha Williams. Now, she successfully uses this method to help animals and their humans.

All the therapies presented, including Animal Communication are being used in conjunction with the humans that have the animals in their custody/family and, as in family constellation, all are related and connected.

                                                        Animals big and small

Animal/interspecies communication has helped all those professionals to speak and communicate with their own “pets”, but AC is not reserved only for big animals; insects and plants are also intelligent beings. Agronomist Cristiano Kern Hickel related his experience with slugs, and other professionals remembered times when they had to discuss with viruses (Parvo)to make a deal to leave their animals survive. Although this is not always possible, it is always worth the try. Animal communication reveals the “other side” opinion, revealing the intelligence of nature and demystifying the false impression that the human beings are the “superior race.

Dr Sheila Waligora closed the week with a talk about spiritualism and how to be more spiritual in our day to day; how to see the others, humans and animals as spiritual beings. “We are all spiritual beings”. We must expand our conscience and include our whole planet in ourselves. Dr Sheila offers courses on Animal Communication online.

It was a great positive week, full of hope for humanity and animals in general. If we start looking at others as our equals, there will be no need for wars. Humans are evolving and animals are here to help us evolve.

If you wish to contact any professional that participated in the Congress, you can reach the Facebook page.

The Brazilians gave the example, now it is time for other Animal Communicators to follow suit.

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