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I started writing this article 3 years ago. I was so chocked to see the fire in Mati, Greece…little did I know I was going to see much worse.

25th July 2018, watching the horrible scenes on the big fires near Athens, Greece, I cannot help to notice the houses built between the trees. I have passed through Marathon road numerous times and I had seen the trees…I had thought it was a park or a forest…it was, long time ago.

August 2021…now I know, the fires are set by arsonists …commanded by the  “ unknown known»: those who produce what we buy, those who want to burn the small farms to make place for the «big Agra», those who want the air un-breathable …to help « big pharma» , those who wants the humans in a town, to video them, to control them,  those who want fluoride in the water,  titanium in our creams, and toxins in our bodies-Those who want us sick and weak, those who want us dead because there are too many people in the earth. But is it the solution?

Why humans like us, citizens of the world, why don`t we care? Why do we keep buying in consummation frenzy, destroying the whole world? Why are we destroying planed earth with its Fauna and Flora?
An old animated video exemplifies perfectly this situation:

                 Human devolution (Also a title of Michel  Cremo’s book)

     Much often, I have asked myself how humans built such a civilization. It started with groups of humans or similar, getting together to feel protected, to hunt and gather, like a pack of wolves or a group of horses. The caves were replaced by houses/huts/cabins and all sorts of constructions, built with what were found in the region. With the addition of other human beings and, then domesticated wolves or other animals, these settlements became more and more complex. Wikipedia tells me that civilization is “any complex society characterized by urban development, social stratification (like animals also do), symbolic systems of communication and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment”.  Already, the word domination should not be used here, but “connection”, “adjusted”, “and conciliated”.  The word “Domination” takes us to another level- a level of superiority and inferiority, always applied to animals and plants and also other humans.

Along these lines, man imposed himself as the superior race. He is the one that tamed the heat with the air condition, the cold with the heater, the wind with windmills and walls, the rain and snow with a roof. With the passing of time, human houses became bigger and bigger; more floors were created and, now, the tallest building on earth is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, with 828 meters. Do we really need that?

What are we looking for that we have not yet found? Why do we need all this superfluous objects, constructions, activities, drinks and food? When did we stray from living naturally to living artificially? Money is seen as the most important thing in the world, even though we cannot eat money. And why do we keep pushing animals and nature away from their habitat?

If we look at ancient civilizations like: The Mesopotamian, the Indus Valley, the ancient Egyptian, the Mayan, the Chinese, the ancient Greek, the Persian, the Roman, the Aztecs and the Incas  and their history, we realize that, already, man was waging war for:  land, money and power. Being or not a descendant of the animals, man managed to engage in a “human devolution”, making it possible to destroy the earth and his own species; a capacity inherent of human-kind; and not only one time, but many times.

Human evolution

     The aim of every soul is evolution, passing through different reincarnations until there is no more need to learn, according to occultism, the Kabbalah , Hermetism,  Alchemy and  the oldest philosophy which is believed to have been burned in the fires of the city of Alexandria. In reality, the documents were stolen and the mysteries were kept by an Elite (the children of Elias, according to the Alchemist Fulcanelli) (1)

In their controversial bestseller “Forbidden Archeology”, Michael E. Cremo and Richard L. Thomson documented evidence showing that humans have existed on earth for hundreds of millions of years, and proving ancient Vedic documents that relate how history repeats itself.

When did necessity become greed? Antilia, a 27 – story skyscraper on the pricey Altamount road in Mumbai is the most expensive home in the world, valued at upwards of one billion dollars. Mukesh Ambani, and Indian Business tycoon and multi-billionaire moved into the 400,000 square foot mansion in 2012 with his wife and three children. So, 400,000 square foot for five people; And in one of the poorest countries of the world. When did money become the most important thing that one could have?


    Let’s take a look at the story of banks- Where does money come from?

“The Goldsmiths’ tale:
Once upon a time, everything was used as money/exchange currency. It just had to be portable and enough people had to have faith that it could, latter, be exchanged for things of real value, like food, shelter, etc… Shells, coco beans, pretty stones and even feathers were used as money. Gold and silver were attractive, soft and easy to work with, so some cultures became expert at these metals. Goldsmiths would trade much easier by casting coins, standardized units of these metals, which were certified.”

So, somewhere along the lines: food, shelter and love were replaced by money and greed, something not known to animal’s nature became a main feature in human’s character.


    In their quest to stop suffering from diseases and accidents, humans created medicine and increased life expectancy, increasing also populations’ demographics. Cities were built in a disorganized manner, destroying nature and setting the stage for natural calamities. In an animated cartoon, Steve Cutts describes man’s evolution and we realize that evolution is more like devolution:

Rumor has that Einstein said: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.”  Why are we turning away from our own natural law? Where did our natural instincts go? Where did the “golden generation”, like Isiodos did described it, go? Is man capable of realizing what he is doing to the earth?

The answer is yes, and there are many intellectuals and philosophers that did propose solutions for some of the many problems created by ourselves.  Zeitgeist was one of the solutions proposed. A non-profit American organization proposed by Peter Joseph, in 2008, the organization advocates a transformation of society and its economic system to a non-monetary system based on resource allocation and environmentalism.  It was based on the Venus Project, which advocates a model for a future Society by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows.

The Venus Project

    Jacque Fresco (March 13, 1916 – May 18, 2017) was an American futurist and philosopher. Although he advocated a very controlling (on my opinion) type of society (social engineer), his demographics models were more viable than what humans have, right now. It was mainly resource-based. It speaks of a dynamic equilibrium between technology and nature. He wanted to break away from the artificial and regimented way that societies are built, today.

The idea that cities and its population should be resource based would solve many problems, like starvation. The fact that we all can produce our own food takes us back to the times when humans did produce their own food. He also addressed the question of “space” creating a circular scheme of plan for cities, bringing each district closer to the central dome which contains: medical, food, shopping and everything else people need and eliminating over producing and over-consuming (numerous shopping zones, restaurants, food wasting, etc…). It also sues less energy and space, saving nature. Everybody would have the same kind of house, heating, energy system. Each city would have, also, an agricultural belt, producing its own food. There would be water processing plants to cleanse and re-utilize water. All of the rooftops of the houses would be photo-voltaic converting solar radiation into electric energy. In the cities, there would be only public transport, not cars. There would be no waste product, as in nature, everything would be recycled and converted into new products. The houses would be in a dome shape, it loses less energy; it absorbs more sun, anti-termites, fireproof, made of natural concrete, without touching the trees.

In the headquarters of the Venus project, in Florida, USA, Fresco and Meadows created a small sample of what could be life in the future. They planted palm trees and nature thrived. All kinds of wild animals reappeared and thrived in the new plush environment…


    There are, already, around the world, many communities that have sustainability as their principal goal. Re-green in Greece, Auroville in Southern India (very similar to the models presented by Fresco), Damanhur in Italy’s Piedmont region, Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, Sarvodaya in Sri-Lanka and Tamera in Portugal, to cite  a few. Besides international communities, individuals around the world are trying to build their houses using nature’s sustainability, too.

Until now, human development and demographics was basic a helter-skelter model, constructed with no model, just greed; it is time to change our ways of living and respecting mother earth.


In 2017, Animal Communicator Penelope Smith conveyed a message from mother earth, which, like all mothers is always ready to forgive the flaws of her children. If we respect nature, mother earth will nourish us. Earth loves us and provides for us. Let’s learn from nature , animals and plants. Let’s feel the pulse of mother earth.


(1) “The mystery of the Cathedrals”  Fulcanelli

“Human Devolution” Michel E. Cremo






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