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Expanding Consciousness

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Expanding consciousness through ancient knowledge

     The first time I heard of increasing consciousness was during a You Tube seminar conducted by Mark Passio, ten years ago. As I was not really interested, then, I kind of forgot it.

Fast forward years later, after I had started my journey in Animal Communication, it came back to me like a boomerang. Realizing that animals were so much more connected to Natural Law/ Spiritual Law than humans, I remembered listening to Mark speaking of Occultism, “which conversely comprises a set of Esoteric traditions focused on objective knowledge of Natural Law and the alignment of thought , emotion and action, resulting in True intelligence , true Care and true Will being born into the individual.”(1)

Talking telepathically with animals made me realize that they DO have the true intelligence, true care and true will- they are completely aligned with Natural (spiritual) Law. They still have the capacity to use telepathy, they love unconditionally and they use their intuition 24/7.  Maybe they don`t use words to translate their thoughts, but there is really no need to do it.  (Dion Fortune in her book: “The circuit of Force” speak how telepathy is possible through the Etheric Net ; which is a vast circulatory medium which is the vehicle for a Universal Telepathic system between spiritual beings of whatever type or grade.(2) )

Make no mistake of confusing Mysticism with Occultism. I am not only talking about meditating and breathing techniques but to incorporate in your life a whole new way of thinking and acting. Some people compare it with “opening the third eye”, but opening the third eye or Pineal gland is just a small part of the “Iceberg”.

When I started studying Mesmerism with Dr Marco Paret, I heard and read about Alchemy. Expanding the consciousness/elevating the consciousness will equate with the Gold of Alchemy.

   Why do we need to expand our consciousness and work on ourselves?

    But “why” would you say, bother to study ancient “Gnosis” (knowledge)?

And I ask you: What is the meaning of life? Did you come in your body only to procreate? The meaning of life is to have a nice job, earn lots of money, buy apartments, and date a supermodel?  Really?  Would you be happy forever? Yes, because everything that gives you transitory happiness, might, one day, gives you sadness. It is like when a beloved being passes away, you lose money or a property, and prized possessions just become boring.

People say that animals are happy with very little; cats love a cardboard box, dogs love to go for a walk. Maybe they have the true meaning of life? Maybe we don`t need all the possessions that we accumulate or the things we place so much value in?

We are born, grow up, go to College, marry and have children. We are proud to know so much, but, first of all, we need to work in ourselves. “Know thyself”

In the “Sutras” by Patanjali (3), it is largely spoken of working in yourself and steadying the mind. Also at Delphi, where Apollo has his temple and where people use to go to listen to the Oracle, it is written:

” Heed these words, you who wish to probe the depths of nature:
If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside.
If you ignore the wonders of your own house, how do you expect to find other wonders?
In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.
Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.” –The Oracle at Delphi

Ancient knowledge

     The ancients knew this secret knowledge on how the natural/spiritual law worked, how human psyche worked and what to do to attain higher consciousness. This ancient knowledge governs our life on earth and when we pass into another realm, we continue to follow natural/spiritual law.

How? Very simple; our reality is formed as follow- this is the “Trivium” (ancient Trivium methodology):

  1. Available information/knowledge or lack thereof
  2. Understanding or lack thereof (Decision-making process)
  3. Wisdom or lack thereof (behavior)
  4. Generated result ( order or chaos) –Manifested Reality

Slide courtesy of Mark Passio

How does it work?

EVERY being follows this model: plants, animals and humans.

Prey animals like the gazelle must be aware of the dangers present in the environment. Their eyes are placed on the side so the scope of vision is wider, they sleep little, and they have high olfactory and auditory capacity to understand if a predator is near. They use this knowledge and their instinct to survive in the Savannah. They measure the risks and must be able to do a quick decision making process to escape.

Plants also, will turn themselves towards the sun and their roots will look for water in the earth. Humans follow the same Trivium as the other creatures on the earth.
Knowledge is needed to survive, but what kind of knowledge? Not the result of a soccer game, neither the winner of Euro-vision…but knowledge on how Nature works and the word: NATURE which comes from the Egyptian word NTR or Neter.

So we have Natural law, or spiritual law –the law of God/spirit that rules everything on earth and beyond. This knowledge will empower and set us free of the boundaries imposed on us by modern society.

This knowledge is not a set of techniques to make money or impress your friends with; it is a way, a “Jacob’s ladder” to set you free and take you to another level of understanding. It does not come to us only with reading books, studying or applying some techniques, but internal study, a shift of consciousness is needed, “making the effort to CARE enough to take in what is necessary to take in to transform oneself and help to transform others. That is a labor of love; it is a work of will power and CARE”. (Mark Passio, Demystifying the Occult).

The ancients had this knowledge. Not all but just the initiated; Like the Eleusinian Mysteries (4) in ancient Greece, for instance.

                                                                                                The many paths of awakening

    “Ultimately, all of the esoteric traditions were design to do one thing: To convey a working knowledge of Natural/Spiritual Law to the Initiates of that tradition. Which means a working knowledge of how the Universe actually creates through the interaction of our free-will decision-making processes; we are co-creating, with the laws of the Universe, the experience that we are having.” (Mark Passio – Demystifying the Occult).

Many of you will not understand what this means or will not believe it as it is hard to grasp it. Let me use the animals, again, as an example.

Have you ever heard of how “Wolves change rivers”? (5) In Yellowstone Park, in the United States, when wolves were introduced, in 1995, after an absence of 70 years, they managed to change the geography of Yellowstone Park.


Unfortunately, mankind has had a positive but also a negative impact in our world and in its beings. We have lost many capabilities and instincts and we need to conquer, again, this knowledge.

There are many initiatory practices and knowledge that have been here in the world since before Christ and the beginning of the 20th century, like:

  • Shamanism (Shaman means: “one who sees in the dark”)
  • Khemitian Tradition (from “Khem”- the black land= Egypt)
  • Alchemy (“from Khem”- Out of darkness. The transmutation of metals translate the quality of humans consciousness) Prima Materia= Human Being
  • Hermetic Tradition (was a continuation of the Khemetian tradition)
  • Kabbalah (ancient system of Hebraic Esoteric teachings probably based on the “Tree of Porphyry”)
  • Freemasonry (A system of Morality which is veiled in Allegory and illustrated by symbols)
  • Rosicrucianism (is a tradition of esoteric Christianity that is based upon allegory and symbolism )(Its mythical founder is Christian Rosenkreuz, who represents the soul on its journey into knowledge and enlightenment)
  • Theosophy (“Divine Wisdom” from Greek translation. Founder of the society: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. ”there is no religion higher than truth”. A lot of it is based on the Vedas.)
  • Anthroposophy ( Rudolf Steiner)
  • Thelema (Θέληση – from Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law”. The “True will= the true purpose in life existing in harmony with Natural law”)


     Ancient Occult schools and lodges always used symbols. Why?  Symbols are the oldest form of communication. They are dated from before written language, like Egyptian Hieroglyphs. As symbols which have been used for thousands of years, by multitudes of peoples of all races, energy has been deposited on them.

Franz Anton Mesmer knew this very well;  in his book: »Theorie du Monde et des etres organizes suivant les principes de Mesmer» from 1784 was written all in symbols.

Symbolism is like a secret language hidden in plain sight. Symbols are all around us. There is an energetic vibration in each symbol that sends a frequency into human consciousness. It is like another language. They are/or come from archetypes (original pattern or model from which all things of that same kind are copied or on which they are all based, like a prototype). You can imagine the ancient: Indian, Babylonian, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, and Phoenician looking at forms in nature and taking them as symbols to mean that thing.

Rudolf Steiner said in a talk on the 20th of August of 1911:» When the Greeks directed their eyes to the outer processes that took place in wood and meadow, in Sun and Moon, in the world of the starts, the Greeks did not experience a natural existence devoid of spirit, but rather everything which happened in the world was as much the deed of spiritual beings as for us a movement of our hand is an expression of our soul’s own activity» (6)

Dion Fortune confirms the importance of the use of Symbols: « The contacts with the cosmic forces are picked up mentally by means of the use of symbols on which the imagination dwells, thus building them on the Astral. »(7)

And it will be through the Etheric and Astral planes that telepathy and clairvoyance will occur.

Bibliography/Videos /Links

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(3) The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translation by Sri Swami Saskatchewan



(6) «Ancient Greek Consciousness» Rudolf Steiner

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