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Interview with MysticMag


This week, MysticMag had the opportunity to interview Catherine Collin, a renowned Animal Communicator. We discussed her beginnings, talked about her connection with animals, and discovered if there is any difference between species when it comes to animal communication.

When did you first know that being an animal communicator was your calling and how did it come about?

When I was very small, I used to talk to animals…and plants and the sea, which I always loved. On two occasions they did what I had asked them to do, but for a child, that was not strange.

Fast forward 35 years later, watching the Anna Breytenbach “Spirit” documentary (actually the documentary is called “The Animal Communicator”. Sorry Anna), I knew right then and there that I needed to do that seminar. Don’t get me wrong; doing a seminar does not make you, automatically, an animal communicator- WE are all communicators, but we believe we can’t do it.

So, it is a process, a door that changes yourself, your life and maybe all the lives you had and will have.

What services do you offer?

Right after doing Anna’s seminar and another seminar with British Spiritual Medium: Helen DaVita, I was doing just small communications, frightened: I was wrong or maybe taking it all from my imagination.

Then I joined a Facebook group for practicing, directed by Jeannie Helton-Vos: Animal Communication Sacred Voices (a group that has been archived) and I started practicing in all aspects of Animal Communication: Lost animals, diseased animals, difficult behavior, problems with their humans, etc… There, we had hundreds of people asking for help with their animals and, at the same time, the support of experienced Animal Communicators and feedback straight away. I loved it! And it helped me do everything. So I do all aspects of Animal Communication.

I remember even one time, in Sacred Voices, where a lady asked us what a wild horse had told her …so no question is “strange”. We (me and all Acers-animal communicators) do our best to stay neutral and do our best work to help humans and animals understand each other better.

How do you establish the connection with animals? What techniques are you using?

First and most important is to steady the mind and put your ego aside. Funnily enough, I am getting trained in Mesmerism, lately, and it is exactly the same process (like in Mediumship). Take your ego aside, steady the mind and use the right side of your brain.

In Mediumship, you sit for spirit…well, in Animal Communication you are “all ears” for the animals. I even started teaching “active listening” in my Animal Communication seminars, because people really cannot even listen to each other, imagine listening to animals! Presence in the “present state” is needed. Animals really do appreciate when you are present, observing and listening, instead of looking at your mobile phone.

What animals do you work with? Is there a difference in approach based on the species you are communicating with?

No, not at all. Every BEING and spirit communicates. I have worked with a variety of animals, thanks to the internet. And all of them have immense wisdom. Like Penelope Smith (the grandmother of Animal Communication) says: Animals have a unique way of seeing the world and living. We really should listen to them more. When I was small, I used to communicate with plants and I still do it, from time to time.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

The most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers is patience (especially me), not judging and, in Greece, keeping the fees low so everyone can have a session. You know, there are some professions that you cannot use for “making money” and, at the same time there must be an exchange; it is a law in the Universe. The client must trust you and not think that you are helping or doing the communication to take advantage of him or her.

So I try to keep my fees low, and, sometimes in the case of lost animals, I always offer a free reading to make sure I am communicating with the right animal. What I find out is that certain animals come into the lives of certain people for a certain reason. So, it is not difficult to have clients with anxiety, needing help themselves.

After studying Animal Communication, I studied Tellington TTouch from Linda Tellington Jones (an animal communicator herself), so I could transmit to humans techniques to better understand their animals. Nobody is 100% completely psychologically “normal” or balanced. We have to keep our cool even when the humans are angry, agitated or even aggressive. It does not help to judge and many times, the animal gets more upset.

We have enough of violence and hate in our world right now; we don’t need to increase it with our judgment. Many times I did not agree with the situation the human was creating; I did try to change it, being successful sometimes or unsuccessful other times. It is important to learn with each communication and accept the final result.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love being able to learn from animals and situations with their humans. I love learning from animals especially when I am wrong – it makes you accept your own mistakes, because they do forgive you.

We advance at a higher speed when we listen to animals. Sometimes animals tell me something completely different that I did not expect to hear, like pigeons asking me why don’t we fly home and we have to wait for the bus, or ( just 2 minutes ago) a ferret telling me her name. Life is richer when you are turned towards nature, even when you are in a big city like Athens, Rome, Paris or São Paulo (Brazil).

After thousands of years getting away from nature and natural law, it is refreshing for humans to be in contact with this pure love energy. The world would be a better place if every heart and mind would open up to animal communication.

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