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Lost animals, lost humans

Question: If you are lost in a forest with your dog, tell me who do you think would find the way home,first and easier? Yes, the dog.

Animals’ senses are much more acute than humans’.”

Dogs, for instance: the percentage of the dog’s brain that is devoted to analyze smells is 40 times larger than that of a human! It’s been estimated that dogs can identify smells somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans. The same for seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. We all (that have animals) know that they can hear or smell things that we cannot. That makes them more able to find their way home (being home the jungle or his house with his human family).

I am not saying that animals NEVER get lost and that they ALWAYS can find their way home; there is always the example that confirms the rule. In some cases, when in a foreign or strange place, the animal will get lost because he will not be able to smell familiar smells and, out of fear, will flee further apart from his home or his family. For example, once, a lady lost her little dog, when they were travelling; she opened the door of the car in a foreign road, the dog got out and got lost, really lost.


My fur baby is lost.

Many of us have already experienced the incredible pain and sorrow of losing one of our animal family members (not passing but being “lost” in the outside world). The feeling of despair and not knowing what to do makes us feel powerless and frustrated.

In those cases, the humans are advised to stay calm and analyze the circumstances:

  • Where was the animal last seen? Inside the house? Outside? In a kennel? In a foreign land?
  • Was the animal alone or with another member of the family? A stranger? Did the animal like the other being that was with him?
  • How was the animal well being/health in the last months? Was the animal old/sick? Was he depressed? Was he spayed?
  • Which time of the day it happened? How was the weather? Temperature?
  • Had anything happened in the last months that the animal did not seem to like too much (a move, a passing of a dear person, a divorce, a passing of another animal, a new animal in the house, etc…)

These questions can help the owner to understand where the animal could be, if he left for his own choice or if he was taken by someone.

All these  points are not here to place the blame on the “owner/responsible” for the animal and this is a very important point: we can be “responsible” for the animal under the law, but we are not superior beings who are the only ones to know what is the best for the animal in question. There is a possibility that the animal himself wanted to go somewhere for a certain reason – Animals are intelligent beings that are as able of taking decisions as us.

On 2015, I did a seminar with the superb animal communicator Anna Breytenbach. One point that she made very clear was: “Animals are very powerful. Do not disempower/diminish them by saying statements like” “poor thing “or “I pity him so much”. During my 3 years communicating with various species, I realized that she was right. Animals have an enormous psychic strength and, given the chance, can change their destiny.

So, why ask all those points above? Because, maybe the animal is not lost (unless, as I mentioned earlier, he is in a strange place, foreign land, stolen or passed/dead).

   Different possibilities

Being stolen/passing into another dimension

I took part in many trackings of lost/stolen animals.
Some were stolen; they did feel afraid but the level of intelligence and logic with which they analyzed the situation stunned me. Once I contacted a young mare who had been stolen, in South Africa, by people who normally steal horses to eat them. She made me understand that she was hurt but still alive. Her mum was tracking her by land, with search dogs and confirmed my connection. At a certain point, the mare realized she would not be reunited with her mum and decided to pass, to stop being among those negative people. Her passing was quick and her decision. Her strength and composure in that case, amazed me.

What can the owner/family do, in this case? Besides informing the police and trying to track the animal with tracking teams, the human can meditate and send strength to his/her animal. The animal in this case is in a stressful situation and could benefit of some good energy.

I once communicated with a cat that was supposed to be lost. He showed me he had been shot by a mean neighbor. The lady confirmed that such person existed and that he had threatened to kill the cat. The cat, then, told me to warn his person about that individual…that he was dangerous to the lady, also. Animals are always thinking on their owner’s/family well being, even after they passed to another dimension.

Death is not an “end all” for animals; they do remember their past lives so they know they will reincarnate to live other lives; but each life they treat it with respect, treating their bodies and their psyches to the best they can offer. Differently than humans, they do not give value in consumerism, junk food, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, money, etc…

For an animal that was stolen or killed, the worst thing is the owner/family’s despair and sadness. Being connected to their family by the heart, they can feel their pain and they feel powerless that they cannot help.
Mourning the loss (passing) of an animal is more than normal. It can be better processed through ceremonies of farewell to the animal, honoring his memory.. To remember the best moments of the animal, in the heath of his home and family,  is nurturing for the animal’s and human’s soul. Soft music, flowers, incense and candles can make the ceremony official just like for any human burial.

The animal is really lost

What I tell my clients, in this situation is:

  1. Prepare posters and glue them around the neighborhood where your animal was seen last
  2. Alert the police , veterinarians and shelters in the town ( if the animal was found he could be taken to them)
  3. Get the help of friends to go around , talking to people, shop owners and covering places that the animal has described to me or other animal communicators
  4. Do the “Golden chord mediation” to help your animal find his way home

Many animal communicators communicate with lost animals and try to locate them, but not always it works. Many times the animal just shows places that he passed by. It happened to me, many times. A dog showing me a town that I have never been to, a gas station with certain colors and billboards …everything checked…but the dog was not there, anymore. The frustration of the family and communicator is immense, in these cases, but we have to remember we cannot change destiny. What is supposed to happen, will happen.

The animal left /escaped

As it happens with many cats, the animal can just leave as he pleases (for instance, from a house with a garden) and one day he does not come back.

The first question I ask, in these cases is:”was the animal spayed?” A male or a female that is not spayed will go away after another animal of the opposite sex. Normally I try to explain to the family this situation by putting them in the animal’s place: “If you had 18 years old, would you go to a convent and be celibate for the rest of your life?” Normally, the answer to that question is no (actually, there is no situation that cannot be understood if we just put ourselves in the animals place). Sometimes, the animal comes back…sometimes no, for different reasons; or he cannot or he has other plans.

I met, in my animal communicator career, many animals that got sick and old and one day, just disappeared. Therefore I always like to ask the family if the animal was sick or really very old and tired, once he left by himself. As we all know, the majority of animals “hide” to die-they go to a secluded place and just pass peacefully. That is the way of nature. The despair, crying and depression with which humans confront death are very stressful for animals and they cannot understand it. As illuminated and intelligent beings, they understand that our bodies are not ours forever and that, one day, they will receive another life and another mission to fulfill. To not upset the owners, they leave their home quietly.

One day, my friend Amalia found one dog like this. As soon as we got him a home, he passed away. He knew his time had come and he probably was already running away from another human who loved him very much but could not stand see him dying. It is important to have an animal communicator connect with your beloved pet when he is in the last years of his life to let him know that his wishes will be respected. If no communicator is at hand, speaking to your animal and comforting him is important. Make sure that he does not suffer and in case the veterinarian says his passing is near, accept it and help him go, being near him and covering him with love. Remember your good times together and make it a joyous moment, a moment of celebration of a life happy and complete.

Many animals that were “rescued” can escape just because they do not feel they belong to their new house. I once connected to a female dog that had run away from her foster home in Spain. She had been rescued from a very bad “Perrera” and arriving in this lady house, she just left. I contacted her but she did not trust humans anymore. She had no wish to live with any human and she was never found. Again, animals are intelligent beings that have the right to choose their homes and destinies.

If animals want to be “found” they will be found. Once, I communicated to a rescued dog in Chile, that has left home after the New Year’s firecrackers scared him. Straight away he told me he was in the place where he was first found by his family. I informed the family and they found him immediately. Many times, it is not so simple- there are issues between humans and animals and the communicator is not told the whole story by the animal( animals are very discreet and will not pinpoint the problems with their family). In many cases the animal plays hide and seek with the communicator, giving images of places where they passed by but had left behind. In these cases, it is not up to us to solve everybody’s problems. Sometimes, we have to let go.

I once found a little dog that lived in a luxurious house in a foreign country and he had managed to run away.  He was ever so funny, showing me where he was but making clear that he was not coming back( names and details will not be disclosed for protection of privacy). The lady guaranteed that once he saw the person that cared for him, he would come. As soon as he saw the gentleman, he ran…in the opposite direction.

Animals come into our lives for many reasons, they follow their lives work. They come to us to teach us and to protect us. Many times, once this work is fulfilled, they go on to do other missions somewhere else. Many people feel guilty and sad with the loss of their animals but the same is with children: we are always trying to protect our children while they are always trying to be free to live their lives as they wish.  Animals are grown up children; they are free to choose their own destiny.

I will finish this article with a recent case of a “lost” cat. Jazzy is a 2 legged cat that left home. Her family, very worried, contacted our group so we could communicate with her. She had left to explore the world. The family pleaded with her to come back home; she never told me if she was really ‘lost” or not. She felt free. Finally, after a lot of nagging from me she said:” I am learning to climb trees” (and showed herself on a tree). Her answer was a huge lesson from me. We, humans, since we came into this world, we are always trying to protect ourselves. We got into groups to protect ourselves, we formed towns and cities to protect ourselves, we built walls to protect ourselves, we established countries to protect ourselves, we created banks to protect our money, we built houses and created armies to protect ourselves, we attacked other countries to protect ourselves, we created air conditioning and heater to protect our health, we covered ourselves in clothes to protect our body…our whole civilization is on a mission of protecting  the human being. While the animals came to this world to enjoy their lives and fulfill compassionate missions, we strive just to protect ourselves.

To all the owners who lost their animals: you will meet them again, in this life or in another life. If they left because they chose to, please respect their choice. If they were stolen, are lost in a foreign country/town/place or passed…comfort them mentally, send them good vibes,   and meditate “the golden chord” to help them come back. The connection that you have with your animal is stronger than anything we can imagine; neither death nor distance can break this bond of love.

Man is not God; we have to accept our destiny, that we cannot control everything.

PS: I dedicate this article to Peter Nicolaidis, a friend and Aegean conservationist, who passed away while I was preparing my web site. He loved and respected all animals and helped to establish a protected area from fishing by the Island of Santorini, in Greece.

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