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The Elements that unite us


In memory of Spirit, the black leopard with whom Anna Breytenbach spoke, years ago.  

Years ago, after listening to Anna Breytenbach’s talk in the Findhorn Institute, in Scotland, when she said:”What is this world that we are actually living in? On a building block level, we are all made of the same stuff , which is energy. At a Quantum level, we are just collections of Quanta that come together to form atoms and molecules and increasingly complex beings; but, at the fundamental building block level , we are all made of the exactly same stuff. And so, why we wouldn’t be able to connect and communicate with all the expressions of life, since we are made of the same energy?” I realized that we are all connected and we can and should live in peace, together.

Our souls transit through different bodies, across different reincarnations. We are not different from animals , nor plants.Spiritualism has proven, numerous times, through different mediums, that reincarnation does occur. See my article with proof that death is not the end:

On the 22nd of June 1972,  medium Leslie Flint channels one of his spirits communicators , Mickey, who tells us about animals:” Some animals are re-born or coming to being , for a definite purpose. Sometimes , they chose what you would call a “lower strata”( if you like) and there is a reason and a purpose for that./Sometimes it is necessary for the human beings to return to earth as another creature” Through all life, in whatever form it takes, it is the same divine power , the same force, the same “something” and that is the animating power in everything./ The animal is usually termed a “lower grade”, does not mean to say that it has not got its place, its purpose or its meaning; and in some ways, it may well be, because of its lower strata, or so it seems according to the human element, that is is inferior- but not necessarily so: there are some animals that are superior to human beings and vice-versa./ A person or an animal is more than a figure or a shape, more than it seems on a surface. It is a soul, a living reality which has taken form or shape temporarily to express an aspect of itself.It may have a shape of a cat or a dog or a bird or a tree. ” Mickey, channeled by Leslie Flint in June 22nd, 1972.


   The Alchemy of  Life

Alchemy is made of the words : Khem (which means “black” or “dark” in Egyptian, which is the color of the earth in Egypt, after the Nile retreats from its yearly flood); so Al-chemy means “out of the darkness-into light (light meaning knowledge of truth). Alchemy is an occult tradition taught through allegories, dealing with the transmutation of “metals” (qualities of human consciousness) into Gold (full perfect consciousness), turning humans into enlighten beings. The main teacher of Alchemy was the God Thoth, also known as Hermes Trimegistus in Greek, in which originated Hermetism. All these schools taught the raising of consciousness to help all beings of earth to live in peace, like in the golden age, mentioned by Hesiod in his books.

The Greek poet Hesiod divided the ages of men into:
Golden Age
Silver Age
Bronze Age
Heroic Age
Iron Age ( the age we are now)

Which if very similar with the “ages” de-scripted by the Indian Vedas:
Satya Yuga (Age of truth) – lasts 4.000 divine years (note: divine years are not the same as our modern calendar)
Treta Yuga – lasts 3.000 divine years
Dvapara Yuga – lasts 2.000 divine years
Kali Yuga (the age we are now and has started, already for a certain time) – lasts 1.000 divine years

In Alchemy and other occult traditions, such as the Rosicrucian, there are five elements that compose all living and non living creatures : Fire, Air , Water , Earth and Ether,(just like in Ayurveda). These elements are very much alive and have energy that influence all of us and the whole Universe.

In May 2023, I interviewed Kaly Rizou that explained the relationship of these elements and us, humans and animals. We talked about planets ( the macrocosm) and what happens in the earth ( the microcosm) and how these elements form and influence, not only the universe, but also, us, humans and animals and plants.


Elements in sun signs and the importance of the planets in our lives

There are 12 sun signs, influenced by 11 planets and 4 elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth). The ancient populations that lived on earth , millions of years ago( according to the Vedas), might not have had telescopes but somehow they could see some of the planets. We asked ourselves if they were not “instructed” by beings from another planet.  Indeed, Kaly Rizou says that all the temples were observatories, like the pyramids of Egypt. Also, author Erich Von Daniken wrote a series of books , wondering if the ancient Gods were not Astronauts from another Galaxy or planet.Whoever gave the knowledge to humans, this knowledge became the material to bring human consciousness into the gold standard.
It seems that the ancient Greeks had a perfect knowledge of maps and how was the earth seen from above. Mrs Rizou told us that the ancient mathematician, Pythagoras, could do astral travel; of course, he was initiated in many occult traditions in various countries.
The separation of beings into sun signs allow us to understand the psychological behavior AND the planetary influences that are coming into being.

The fire signs are: Aries, influenced by Mars (Άρης), Leo, influenced by the Sun (Ήλιος) and Sagittarius, influenced by Jupiter (Δίας). They have the characteristics of the element of fire.
The Air signs are: Gemini, influenced by Mercury (Ερμής), Libra, influenced by Venus (Αφροδίτη) and Aquarius, influenced by Uranus (Ουρανός). They have the characteristics of the element of air.
The Water signs are: Cancer, influenced by the moon (Σεληνη), Scorpio, influenced by Pluto (Πλούτων) and Pisces, influenced by Neptune (Ποσειδών). They have the characteristics of the element of water.
The Earth Signs are : Taurus, influenced by Venus (Αφροδίτη), Virgo, influenced by Cheiron (Χείρον), and Capricorn, influenced by Saturn (Χρόνος). They have the characteristics of the element of Earth.

-So where is Ether?


Ether is in all of us, animals and plants. We are here, temporarily, like Mickey said . He said:” You might think that is stupid, but trees have life, trees have personality, trees have feelings, flowers have feelings , flowers have an animation that a person does not even think it exists. But if you can see that behind all that is the same reality, vital force that gives life, if you can accept that the energy around you is part of your existence, if you can give it true perspective and space, you don’t need to look down on something because it is smaller and insignificant, because it does not seem to have any emotion or does not seem to show any awareness; this is a mistake that human beings make . Human beings assume that they are the first and predominant , that they have the main purpose and meaning of life. This is not necessarily so, altogether. Some human beings might be superior, but not superior in the material sense, but superior in the spiritual sense. What is important is that everything has its place. Your little doggies are as real to you and most real that many human beings. The point is that they have their character , their personality, background and experience and they have taken on something into coming into your world and knowing you and possibly in having previous existences in some other shape or some other form. They are evolving and becoming and they are taking from all life , something necessary for their evolution./ You all ( humans) give things names, shapes and forms; you accept things in certain categories and assume that : “that is this, that is that”, but life is so much more than this , much more than it seems.Love is comprehensive, not confined to human beings. Love can express itself in many ways. Even a flee can love a flee. ” Mickey, channeled by Leslie Flint


” if you can accept that the energy around you is part of your existence, if you can give it true perspective and space, you don’t need to look down on something because it is smaller and insignificant, because it does not seem to have any emotion or does not seem to show any awareness; this is a mistake that human beings make “

The truth is, we are all energy in different material shape, ruled by planets and elements. And animals are aware of this energy. Mickey continues: “Animals are extremely sensitive, they may not have all the faculties than a man or a woman has, but they have a sensitivity which is far more embracing than the human race./ You see a herd of elephants: great big cumbersome lumbering creatures, big eyes and long trunks and funny little twirly tails, but there is more oneness in a herd of Elephants, and more understanding and more love and more patience in a herd of elephants than in the human race! Until man moralizes that what animates the ant, animates the human being; the ant is minute but it has intelligence, it has a brain. Man thinks he is supreme and in some aspects he is. He has made more progress , but unfortunately he grew wisdom in the material way but he’s lost this spiritual realization ,this simplicity that goes with understanding of the things that really are permanent. The permanent things are the things that are of the spirit, deeply rooted, fundamentally eternal . Man is brought into the world for various reasons but he should not think that because he is intelligent or so appears to be, that he is so superior in some respect, to the blessed or so it seems, to the less evolved; a man can learn a lot form a goat.” Micky, channeled by Leslie Flint

We all need to raise our consciousness to absolute truth, to bring humanity and other beings , back into the golden age. Rudolf Steiner once said that, to learn, to be initiated, we need to see our soul and spiritual part, too. Please, take into consideration that we are not only a material body living in a temporary life; we must recognize our elements acting upon our behavior and work with them and the planets that influence us. Please, refer into my “Expanding Consciousness) for more details.


We are slowly walking into WWIII and to the complete control of the earth by a small group of people. It is time to start using our spiritual capacities, together with the influence of the magnetism of planets to get out of this false Matrix that we found us into.

Let the planets guide you into Ether.


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