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The gift of communication

    Many of my clients ask me to tell their animals their wishes and commands;I explain, then, that animals do understand what humans say, it is humans who do not understand animals. If an animal do not “obey” what a human is saying is simply because he does not want to do what the human wants him to do.

Certain humans believe animals are an inferior species and do not think. They would be surprised to learn that animals and plants (fauna and flora) do think and feel, as humans do. The fact that humans speak do not prove that humans are superior to any other species. Language and signs came from a lack of communication that only humans had. Animals can communicate with very few signs and telepathy, which is faster than the speed of light. Humans need to explain what they mean through a series of signs, gestures, expressions, etc…

Communication is needed in order to exchange information. Information is vital for survival. If we go back to ancient times, before languages and symbols were created, during the evolution of man; we will find that humans emitted sound to communicate, like the animals. In order to live in groups and survive, evolution was needed. Unlike bigger animals, humans did not have a lot of strength to hunt with their bare hands so instruments and strategies were important. Relationships were formed and the human groups became more and more operative, until they finally found a way to produce fire and instruments.

According to Greek linguist, Elias Tsatsomoiros (1), many words imitated nature sounds and that is how language was formed. From then on, man became more and more estranged from nature until we find ourselves in 2018, not able to communicate even between ourselves.

There is a common point between humans and animals: every word, sound, feeling and thought emits a frequency. Emotions emit frequencies, too. In Michel Tyrrell’s book (2):” the sound of healing”, he explains perfectly that: “Every word you speak has a frequency. Everything emits frequency. A frequency is a measured point of a vibration or energy. Everything possesses a resonant frequency. Think of it as transmitting and receiving.” That is communication. Your animals and plants are aware of your words and thoughts’ frequencies and understand you better than yourself.

      Communication between humans and animals

In 2014, a documentary called «the animal communicator” revolutionized the internet, opening a Pandora’s Box on whether humans could use telepathy to talk to animals. The answer was yes, many people including the “grandmother” of animal communication (Penelope Smith) have been communicating with animals for decencies.

Anna Breytenbach explained to us, during a class, that many indigenous people around the globe still talk to animals via telepathy. Native Americans, aboriginal, Inuit and various others still kept a connection to nature.

But what is the skeptical human to do? The majority of the world population still depends on only spoken or sign language to communicate. Although animals do try to pass messages through telepathy or just behavior, many humans still do not understand the messages.Fortunately,though, some people are realizing that animals do understand our spoken language and are addressing animals with clear communication; on 2017, a video became viral when a Canadian gentleman asked politely a family of bears to leave his yard.

In the video, it is clear that the animals understand him the first time around. His calm tone of voice and his politeness are enough to make them move out of his yard. It was a simple move to do.

I do advise numerous clients to talk to their companion animals, guaranteeing that they will understand them. There is a language that surpasses all the other forms of communication. It is the language of the heart, as my teacher and medium Helen Da Vita would show us, years ago. Love and intention.


Love will cross any barrier: children and animals know that. The example of the deaf girl who teaches sing language to her deaf dog proves that we don’t need words to get understood.

I remember when I was just a child, I used to talk to animals and they understood me perfectly well. Once I told a stray dog that it would be better to him find a family to live with. He promptly went around the park, to look for a family. Not finding any, he came back to me. I encouraged him to not lose faith, that very soon he would find the family of his dreams.

All beings are capable of love and love is the universal form of communication that goes beyond what we expect. Every being is capable of communicating and this communication is a gift. Even reptiles, that are considered by many as cold animals, are capable of love and let themselves be understood.

Joeri Van Zwan, from Holland, tells his friendship story with a Bearded Dragon.


    “Cold blooded friends”

” They look scary, hard, cold, rough, to almost lifeless, but are they? My opinion is no, they are not just that. Well yes most reptiles life a solitaire life and can survive pretty well on their own, but those who I’ve encountered and had the privilege to take care of, were my best buddies. The best example that I can use is the story of bearded dragon. I had him since he just hatched out of his egg and I fell instantly in love with him by the way he looked at me. His mouth was covered in sand and his tail had a crooked tip, he was a bit misshapen and he looked silly, this is what really caught my attention to him. It seemed like he didn’t care about it and he looked really happy (for a lizard).

He was my very first reptilian friend who I’d loved until his very end. For what he showed and taught me is that even Reptiles can appreciate attention from other beings.

I allowed him to walk around the house and in the summer time he joined me in the garden to enjoy the sunlight. He always stayed near my side and never really wandered off too far away. What I learned from this was that he was really curious about the outside world and wanted to explore it, but not alone! Cause the world is a scary place!

I often took him with me outside to sit in the grass and enjoy the summer sun, where I would let him scavenge around to look for eatable flowers, like dandelions, daisy’s and little bugs which he really loved. When we were inside the house he also was a real presence, because he liked attention and made sure that I noticed him as much as possible; he would start to scratch the glass of his terrarium and start to run around and bump his head, now and then. When I thought it would be nice for him to walk around in the house I would just let him explore and chase the cats around, who were a bit afraid of him. But when he wanted to take a nap or had enough of running around, he always came to me to climb on top of me and settle down.

I never expected such behavior from a lizard and his social need towards me. He showed me that it doesn’t matter if you have fur or scales, feel fluffy or rough, are warm or cold blooded, eat meat or insects or vegetables, every living creature can have that need for attention and can enjoy every second of it. He showed me that no matter what size you are, you can have a friend in each other.

This is just one little story of my experience with lizards in my own home, but I also took care for injured sea turtles in Greece. Now my opinion about reptiles and amphibians was already really good and was quite excited to take care for such a large animal as the sea turtle. I didn’t really know what to expect thou from turtles, because I never really lived with one and specially didn’t take  care of one either, but I was curious on who they were as a specie. In a very short time I fell in love with this amazing creature as well, for they showed me how strong they are for their will to survive. I’ve witnessed some pretty gruesome injuries on them, but that didn’t influence their behavior and curiosity. Just like almost all reptilian species, the sea turtle are solitaire creatures in the wild, but under care some of them were so social towards their care takers and actually liked the presence of care takers near them.  The reptiles taught me to look through their perspective and how they “might” see the world. Through their actions and behavior towards us and their own species and others it’s great to slowly understand how they try to survive on earth. Reptiles showed me that every kind of life tries to find their own way to survive and thrive in every possible condition that has been given to them and that they get used to others that share their environment.”

So many lessons we have to learn from our friends, the animals, who give their love and communication as the most precious gift man could wish for. Open your heart to them and they will speak to you.


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