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The role of spirit guides in Animal Communication


When I was a little girl, my very catholic mother used to tell me about my “guardian angel”; so I spoke to this angel, mentally, all the time. Instead of having an imaginary friend, I had a guardian angel. I never asked myself who or what he was, I just kept confiding in him in every year of my life.Later, I could feel like an “intuition”, a voice telling me to not do something or to do something else and many times, but as an adult, I dismissed it.

Animal Communication Sacred voices

After I learned Animal Communication; I found a great group, in Facebook, to practice:” Animal Communication Sacred voices”. In this place, new communicators and mediums helped people and got to practice. Very soon, camaraderie developed between us, organized by the group creator Medium and Animal Communicator Jeannie Helton-Vos. The word spirit guides started to pop up in our chats and I started to understand where the voice I used to hear, from the back of my head, came from. I used to practice almost every day, and, with practice, I started recognizing a third voice that was neither mine nor the animal’s. It seemed it came from behind or from one side of my body.
Time passed, this voice started appearing early in the morning, when I was half awake in bed. It warned me of something that could happen, it gave and it does give me ideas for seminars, classes and articles and it always reminds me of my mission in life. It also warns me of negative forces surrounding me or my work.

Spirit guides are beings or old souls that help humans, in their mission on earth. They can be people who passed, animals, Native Americans or from different countries; their job is to guide sensitive people in their mission on earth, to be better and more conscious of the purpose of their life. They are very well known in Spiritualism.

The story of Spiritualism and the appearance of Meddiumship

Spiritualism is as old as the world: the ancient populations of the world believed on spirits beings that populated the whole world. The ancient Greeks talked to the Gods and spirits during their different festivals, initiations to the mysteries or rituals performed.

“Attempts to communicate with the dead and other living human beings, aka spirits, have been documented back to early human history, such as the Biblical account of the Witch of Endor.Meddiumship became quite popular in the 19th-century United States and the United Kingdom after the rise of Spiritualism as a religious movement. Modern Spiritualism is said to date from practices and lectures of the Fox sisters in New York State in 1848. The trance mediums Paschal Beverly Randolph and Emma Hardinge Britten were among the most celebrated lecturers and authors on the subject in the mid-19th century. Allan Kardec coined the term Spiritism around 1860. Kardec claimed that conversations with spirits by selected mediums were the basis of his The Spirits’ Book and later, his five-book collection, Spiritist Codification.” Wikipedia

The most famous spiritual guide was Silver Birch, the guide of British Medium Maurice Barbanell: “Silver Birch was a spirit guide who spoke through Maurice Barbanell (1902-1981). Barbanell was the founder and editor of the Psychic News of London. Silver Birch’s teachings became popular in the late 1930s and resulted in the publication of nine books documenting his communications.”

Famous Mediums had their guides. Famous British Medium Estelle Roberts had a guide called Red Cloud; British Medium Gordon Higginson had a “main guide Choo Chow who provided spiritual words of wisdom, whilst his childhood friend Cuckoo and his Irish guide Paddy provided gentle fun and humor, as well as Paddy providing clairvoyance in the trance state. Gordon also had another guide called Light who would make predictions and who would only come through once per year usually during the trance address at the Christmas morning service at Longton church.” British Medium Elaine Thorpe has her guide, Jonathan.
These guides speak from the Medium while he is in trance. I don’t mean to say that anyone has to be on a trance to get a communication form his or her guide, but there is a certain need of calm, meditation and concentration. The early hours of the morning are ideal, exactly when we are just waking up, still drowsy from sleep.

The importance of study

Following Penelope Smith’s code of Ethics, I tried to study with the best teachers, to develop myself. On 2019, I went into a trance retreat with British Medium Jo Bradley, in which we trained trance and transfiguration, when you can see the face of a spirit on the face of the medium. It was very interesting, but it does not interest me who my guide is, as long as he is my guide and we have a loving and cooperative relationship. On 2020, I went to Arthur Findlay College to continue my studies in trance Meddiumship. Unfortunately, the lock-downs came right after and I had to stop my education and research. That did not stop me from continue to listen to my guide’s voice. I did not have to be a channel to it; it just came in my ear. It is like a free education. It warns me of accidents, guides me and gives me ideas on what to do in certain situations. I found it so great that I wanted to share it with everyone! This is a miracle and everyone can do it, as animal communication. The guides came through doing communication and helping me in doing animal communication. I decided to implement seminars in animal communication; I created a group to practice and just supposed that the rest would follow.

The importance of your guides in animal communication

Your spirit guides will explain to you certain facts, facilitate the entanglement with the animal, give you advice on healing therapies and support your work as a communicator and a healer. They are the beings that are always going to be next to you, no matter what, forgiving your mistakes and encouraging you to go ahead.

Practice makes perfect

To have groups to practice Animal Communication and Meddiumship is wonderful. You get to practice, you realize that your colleagues get, many times, the same communications as you, you see your mistakes, you realize the different styles and you support each other. We had the wonderful Medium Jeannie Helton-Vos to guide us, with her expertise and that made everything easier. Plus, these groups make Meddiumship and Animal Communication popular for the great public.

Traumas are the big obstacle

Unfortunately, the majority of people on the world are very insecure, due to childhood traumas. To work on oneself is vital to open the road to learn new techniques, speak to your guides and expand the consciousness beyond the matrix we live in.

Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung popularized the expression” Shadow Work”; when we find out which part of us are hidden in the subconscious mind, firstly accepting them and then learning to control and transform them. For this to happen, the first condition is to know oneself. This is one of the reason that Jung said “There is no coming to consciousness without pain”.

The traumas that the human population suffers through life dictate how they behave when adult. An adult with insecurity about his or her capacity in hearing spirit or animals, even after there was proof that what he received was right, will continue to doubt this capacity, until he heals his trauma. There is nothing that he can buy that can change his thoughts or subconscious. Therapy is needed for animals and humans whom are controlled by their traumas.

On 2020, we had the lock-downs worldwide; there was a lot of negative energy and fear covered the world. People started to let this emotion run into their veins and let it spread everywhere. People stopped practicing Animal Communication in my group. I kept asking myself why and kept teaching my seminars. For me, nothing changed and for the animals, nothing changed. I was warned by my guides that there was a lot of negative energy…there is really a fight between two polarities, in the world: good and bad. Nothing is completely good or bad, but the degree changes with time.


People controlled by their traumas need to stand up by themselves and do shadow work. Nobody can do that for them. A good therapist, Mesmerist or healer can help, but it is their life work. To keep traumas dictating how you behave, your whole life, just keep sending low vibration that resonates with negative energies outside of us, is not the way to develop oneself.
Spirit guides are the beings that will help humanity or each human being on overcoming traumatic situations and on protecting themselves. Humans just need to learn to hear them. Spirits are around us to help us and if we don’t listen, we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Let the divine in.


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